Feb 10 2017

Heyday Magazine Volume 6

Heyday Volume 6 Cover

All-Terrain Blonde
      by: Alexis Rhone Fancher



Heyday Magazine Volume 6 – January 2017
Now Available!!! 

Now in digital e-book
AND Paperback

Contents Include:

Poet’s Comitatus: Hart Crane
by: Robert Milby

A Defense of Form in Poetry: The Haiku
by: Holly Christiana

Suggestions on Reading these Poems
by: Chris Wood


Pride—Stephen Mead
Gilda’s Window—Stephen Mead
Waiting To Live—Stephen Mead
A Villanelle to Garbage Trucks—Thomas Sabel
Breaking Threshold’s Prayer—Thomas Sabel
Auf Widersohen—Carter Vance
Placebos—Carter Vance
Zoe Keating Comic Book—Lenore Weiss
Bird Land—Lenore Weiss
How To Apply the Figure Eight—Michael Chin
Collapsed Star—Jennifer Circosta
Daily Chores—K. Carlton Johnson
Many Things A Day—K. Carlton Johnson
Two Shores—K. Carlton Johnson
Eye Contact—Frank Modica
Paw to Paw—Frank Modica
For Sale—Kevin Casey
ROARING—Jenny McBride
Bitter —William Frayer
Graceless—William Frayer
There is no art in certainty— William Frayer
Heated Words—Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer
Let There Be Light—Ellaraine Lockie
Solvitur Ambulando—Ellaraine Lockie
Time… and Time Again—Ellaraine Lockie
Tire Cover Sign—Sharon Scholl
Grass—Sharon Scholl
Interlude in Positano—Janet Garber
Greenman Tarot: The Willow—Taunja Thomson
Notes Taken at Crystal Lake, Now Dry,
Angeles National Forest—John Brantingham
Talent—John Brantingham

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Nov 3 2016

Submission Deadline


Aug 1 2016

Call For Submissions Volume6

Heyday Magazine Volume 6 is scheduled for January 2017. Submissions are now open in both Poetry and Artwork categories. Follow the Submission Guidelines here on the website to submit your work for consideration. Stay Tuned to the website for more announcements and the Cover Art of the upcoming issue.

Thanks for your interest in Heyday and we hope to hear from you and view your work.

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Apr 8 2014

Heyday is Back!

The April 2014, Vol. 2 Issue 2 of Heyday Magazine is now available on the Current Issue tab. With 92 pages of Poetry, Artwork, Articles, Interviews, Writing Challenges, and Advice, this is our biggest issue yet! Thank You to all the contributor’s this quarter for making it an amazing issue, full of talented artists in their Heyday! Woohaa!
The reading period for the July 2014 issue will open on April 15th, 2014. So, get your hands on a copy of the current issue or the past issues in the archive as well and you will experience the kinds of Poetry and Artwork that we love here at Heyday, send us your best work, try your hand at the Writing Challenges in the ongoing column Freedom Through Limitation: A Defense of Form in Poetry. We are exploring the Cinquain form of poetry this quarter, so get a copy of the issue and learn about this 5-line form of powerful, direct and passionate poems. If you write your own Cinquains, send them to us for consideration for publication in the upcoming quarter!

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Mar 22 2014

Submission Period Over Until April 15th!

The current reading period has ended, and we received more poems this quarter than in any previous quarter with over 400 poems submitted! You guys are awesome! Please continue to submit your best work and enjoy the poems that we chose to fill the small amount of space we have, it was certainly a great experience of wanting too much and wishing we could push the 80 page limit that we’ve set for the issues. Again all back-issues of Heyday are only $2.95 in digital PDF format, and the April return issue will be $3.95 in digital and $10 + 2.00/S&H for Print and Digital PDF versions (so you can enjoy the issue on the computer while waiting for it in the mail!) of Heyday Magazine with full-color glossy covers and Art Insert Pages on glossy stock paper.

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Feb 23 2014

The Cento Poem

The word cento is derived from the Latin word for patchwork. The cento is in essence a tapestry of verses from other poets. While it is true that poets often take a line from others and weave it into their own work, a true cento poem is derived entirely of other poet’s words.

You can read more about the cento poem in Heyday Magazine Issue 4 (Vol.2 Issue 1).
Which is available for digital download at only $2.95!

We want your cento poems for the ongoing column:
Freedom Through Limitation: A Defense of Form in Poetry

This is your best chance at being published due to the smaller number of submissions
The truth is most poets today stay away from Forms, but it’s fun and freeing to
try and write to certain prescribed boundaries, the creative process kicks into gear.

Jan 25 2014

Submissions Now Open!

Submissions are now open for the upcoming April 2014 Heyday Magazine Issue 5! Please follow the submission guidelines carefully to ensure your work is considered for inclusion in the issue. Send us your poetry, artwork, comics, articles, or ideas! We want to hear from you! There are several suggestions on the Submissions tab that will help you determine what it is that you should send and what formats are acceptable.

Here is the cover art for the upcoming Issue 5. Artwork by Travis Keyes of The Developing Eye

Heyday Issue 5 Cover

Heyday Magazine Issue 5 – Cover Art by Travis Keyes

Dec 31 2013

Heyday Returns!

Heyday Magazine is back! We will be accepting new poetry and artwork submissions on January 15th 2014 for the upcoming return issue slated for release in April of 2004. Check back soon for more details as well as free articles and poems from past issues and back issues of Heyday at a discounted price!


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